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Ally writes and collaboratively creates stories about unapologetic uniqueness. Her work is nostalgic and honest and promotes self-acceptance for folks of all body shapes, sizes, and abilities. Check out some of her recent projects below.



Written by Ally Thomas (One Act)


What makes a house a home? On an apple orchard in a southeastern Michigan township, a single mother wrestles with a decision that could change the path of her family. As she decides what lengths she must go to in order to provide for her soon-to-be college-bound son, the lure of financial security might just be enough to leave their home.

Developed: Hollins Playwright's Lab, 2019

Reading: Sarah Lawrence College, 2019


3d woman human


Created and Performed by Amelia Bethel,

Chanel Blanchett, Margaret Campbell, Amanda Card, Kyrie Ellison, Karen Loewy Movilla, Chanel Smith,

Sarah Sterling, and Ally Thomas


3D WOMAN HUMAN is the final project for Contemporary Collaborative Performance, a class comprised of the first year MFA candidates at Sarah Lawrence. We endeavored to adapt to the Covid-19 Pandemic by adjusting our largely collaborative process of making original theatre to create a series of short, unique, and personal video pieces assembled with a similar level of inquiry. 


Created and Performed by Ally Thomas

An exploration of productivity through paper and ink.


Directed by Chanel Smith

Group collaboration inspired by the fabulous Kate Bush. We dance, we live, we continue to create.

Sarah Lawrence College, 2020


Bodies in motion (under the action of forces)


Written and Performed by Ally Thomas


A solo performance piece. Using felt crafted flower petals, a young woman gives pieces of herself away to diet culture and disordered eating. As she learns about body acceptance, she begins the daunting and perhaps impossible task of reassembling the torn flowers of her self-worth.

Sarah Lawrence College, 2020




Written and Performed by Ally Thomas


A solo performance piece reflecting on Madeleine L'Engle's A Wrinkle In Time, and what it might mean to show up largely and presently in one's own life. 

Sarah Lawrence College, 2019


judging jared


Created and Performed by Stephen Baltz,

Jared Lee Morgan, Emma Sala, and Ally Thomas

A 5-part episodic sketch series created by the New Play Performance cohort at Hollins Playwright's Lab. 

Roanoke No Shame Theatre, 2019




Created and Performed by Amelia Bethel, Amanda Card, Margaret Campbell, Chanel Smith, Sarah Sterling,

and Ally Thomas

A tablespoon of rosemary. One onion, finely chopped. A dash of greif. Two spoonfuls of self-acceptance. Salt to taste. Through spoken word, music, and dance, this theatre piece explores our individual soup ingredients and the space we take up.

Sarah Lawrence College, 2019